Though i am the first Architect in the family, there have been numerous small businesses throughout my family's lineage. I originally started DMRA as a means of controlling my destiny and the desire to be overly-involved with my kids as they grew up. I discovered early on that for the business to succeed, I needed to be present in all aspects of the company, from initial client contact, to billing/accounting, to answering questions, to designing the smallest or largest of projects, to actually drawing the plans myself. When anyone corresponds with DMRA, you get me!  Though DMRA is me, there is always a Team approach to each project (Team = client, DMRA, designers, engineers, builders, etc). As a main point of contact for the Team, I always respond quickly to the Team's needs with competency and accuracy, getting the information and answers needed for the success of the Team and the success of the project. Knowing my limits, DMRA has turned down larger, more lucrative projects to purposefully keep the business small (an odd concept I know). Having my office at home allows me the ability to work unusual hours and concentrate on the type of work I love (residential and small commercial).  

After many years of satisfying clients, the one thing that hasn't changed is an honourable mission of providing knowledgeable and friendly services in an economically prudent fashion. We won't waste your valuable time and money on services best provided by others, but we will give you exceptional value for the best service and the highest quality plans in the business. We have your project as our top priority, managing consultants and builders to your best advantage. The annual marketing budget for DMRA is zero dollars, as my marketing is the word of mouth from happy past clients, successful builders, respected fellow architects, designer, and engineers, and even satisfied building and zoning departments in the tri-county area. I pride myself on having the most satisfied clients and that is, and will continue to be, DMRA's key to success.